Planning a Graduation Party

There are a few reasons for what you would want to throw a graduation party. May be your kids are big now and graduated  from elementary school, or from high-school. Or maybe they are taking their first steps into the real life and they just graduated from college. They worked hard for that and they deserve a party.

Planning a graduation party is not a big challenge. It is the same as planning another type of party. But, as you would do with other parties, you need to take in consideration a guest list. When you throw this kind of party for a young child, building the guest list is not very hard. This will become more difficult as the one you are celebrating is getting older. At this point you will want to involve him in this aspect of planning a graduation party.

 But if you plan to throw a surprise party, building the guests list will be a bit more challenging. So you have to ask other people to help with this because you don’t want to live someone out. Your guest of honor will have his preferences and you will have to talk to a friend from his school to obtain the names of the guests. Also if you involve a friend from school, he will tell you who you would not want to invite. If you are giving a party for a married person it is a good idea to speak to someone that is in the guest of honor spouse family. You also have to see if your guest of honor is friend with the neighbors or if he is member of a club.

After you finish the guest list you will start to send the invitations. Emphasize the fact that it is a surprise party! You don’t want that someone ask the guest of honor about the party and ruin your surprise. The only thing that makes hard choosing the decorations while planning a graduation party is that you have a lot of possibilities. It will be very easy to find specific graduation decorations. A good idea is to use the colors of the school that your guest of honor graduated. Put the year in the decorations and also put it on the cake. Throw a flash back party or choose any theme you want, it will make your graduation party unique. You have to make your graduate to feel good and relax, to feel that he deserve that party after years of hard work. So let your imagination loose when you are planning a graduation party.

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