Cheating Spouse – Is Your Man Being True to You?

Undercover lover, improper relationship, deceitful heart-you can call it anyway you want but they will all boil down to cheating. Nevertheless, though cheating is being abhorred in a relationship, the recent finding showed that men are becoming more open when it comes to cheating their spouses than ever. Furthermore, studies even revealed that 75 percent of men would cheat or get into an indecent relationship at one or several points of their lives. Also, the studies confirmed that cheating spouse would do normally do this indecent act during the first 3 years of their relationship.

While there are wide ranges of factors that can lead to the rise of male infidelity, the main reason why men are into this kind of act is that it is now easier to find a willing partner than before. There are so many girls over the internet that are willing to take the risk of entering a wrong relationship. This is the reason why it is vital for ladies to arm their selves with knowledge about the signs of cheating:

1. Appearance Changes- Cheating spouse will start to become interested in changing his appearance as his way of becoming interesting in the eyes of his new woman. He will be interested on a new fashion, cut his hair in a style which doesn’t seem natural for him, become awkwardly triggered to look good all the times, loves new color, and a lot more.

2. Behavioral Changes- Aside from his change in appearance, the cheating spouse may starts to develop attitudes that he is not equipped with before. Take the case of being too emotionally sensitive when the issue of cheating is talked about. He may start to hate even the small things. This happens because his mind is occupied by the new woman so he may start to take his true partner for granted. This is a very saddening condition.

3. Diminish in Sex Life- Is he being cold on you? Do you miss those long cuddling nights you spend with each other? A diminish in sex life is also among the sign of a cheating spouse. The other partner may think that the cheating one is just busy with his works when the truth is that he spent all his energy on other things.

4. Start to Have a Life Outside the Home- When he would normally go out for a business meeting, a trip to faraway places, go home late at night, go into an office overtime, etc then this is a sign that will help you to distinguish a cheating spouse.

5. New Set of Friends- When you keep on seeing new faces with him then this is a sign that he has a woman aside from you. He may start to divert his time to the other woman to the point that he will become close to the friends and acquaintances of his new lover right. What you can do is to befriend the new faces that he is going out with. Introduce yourself as the wife.

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