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Plus, frankly, it makes me wibbly in my nibblybits

Were having problems that last year and she told me Dave wanted to leave the marriage, Rebecca Laut, Dave sister in law, told the Ventura County Star. Said, says he going to leave and take Michael, but that not going …

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The code demands a certain sureness and it tough when you

I have really really bad eyes and I hate poly glasses. They like looking through a fishbowl. Everything is blurry unless it just in the center of the lense. I alive. I getting older. It okay. Every so often bake …

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John Sedgwick’s division, saving the Confederate left flank

Liberals are primarily sensitive to two such moral “tastes,” Haidt argues, one concerned with harm versus care, the other with fairness and reciprocity. Haidt has called these values “Millean,” referring to John Stuart Mill’s classic “On Liberty.” Liberals have erred, …

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